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Monday, November 06, 2006

And again: Suicide bombing attack against IDF soldiers

This is just in: According to a preliminary report from the Beit Hanoun area of northern Gaza, a female suicide bomber blew herself up near IDF soldiers. One soldier appears to have been lightly wounded. The bomber is dead according to the yet unconfirmed but reliable report.

Hopefully no other soldiers were injured and that one soldier really was only lightly wounded.

Update 4:51 PM

This story actually gets better:
Palestinian witnesses told the Associated Press that an explosion shook a house where Israeli soldiers were operating. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack.


The IDF confirmed the incident, saying one soldier was lightly wounded and was being evacuated to hospital for treatment.

Hamas radio reported that many civilians were injured in the blast.
I can just imagine what kind of 'civilians' were in that house. But they'll blame Israel.

And please - don't call them 'human shields.' Recall what I pointed out on Saturday night:
At the New York Sun's blog, Shine for All, Daniel Friedman got this one right:
Those women were not innocent bystanders nor human shields caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Human shields implies that they were reluctanly dragged in. They were willing terrorist helpers. They ran to protect terrorists in order that these terrorists could commit more killings. Those women are no different to those who help transport terrorists or those who hide terrorists in their home. They're responsible for any death and destruction the terrorists cause.
Don't cry for Beit Hanoun. They are bringing it on themselves.

Update 7:38 PM

The Jerusalem Post's Israel Alert (no link yet) just reported that the bomber was an 18-year old 'university student.' Just a typical explosive college co-ed, huh?


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