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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Snow: Bush stands behind Rice remarks on 'Palestine'

In response to a question by WorldNetDaily White House correspondent Les Kinsolving, Presidential spokesman Tony Snow said that President Bush stands behind Secretary of State Rice's sickening comments on 'Palestine' last week.

Hat Tip: NY Nana
The question to Snow was: "In Secretary Condoleezza Rice's speech last week to the American Task Force on Palestine, she said, 'I believe that there could be no greater legacy for America than to help bring into being a Palestinian state for a people who have been (humiliated too long).' My question, since the Palestinian Authority's President, Mahmoud Abbas, spoke out in Fatah with Arafat and funded the Munich massacre of the Israeli Olympic team, and wrote his Ph.D. thesis denying the existence of the Holocaust, how can the president agree with Secretary Rice that it would be a great legacy to have a Palestinian state run by Abbas and Hamas?"

Snow said there wasn't a reference to a Palestinian state being run by Abbas and Hamas. "But on the other hand, Prime Minister Abbas has also demonstrated a willingness to pursue democracy and work directly with Israel."

WND had asked whether the president believes that the American Revolution should be compared to Hamas, which has Article 15 calling for the destruction of Israel, and Article 7, calling for the killing of Jews?

"No," Snow said.
With remarks like this, I'm starting to wonder if it really makes a difference who wins in November. I'll tell you this much - I won't automatically be voting for Rice in 2008 if she's the Republican nominee. In response to Rice's speech, the Zionist Organization of America issued the following statement (I've left some parts out):
The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) has condemned the Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice’s keynote speech last week to the American Task Force on Palestine as the most pro-Palestinian Arab, anti-Israel speech in memory by a major US Administration official ( State Department, October 11). Secretary Rice condemned Israel’s “daily humiliation of occupation” of Palestinian Arabs; stated that there “could be no greater legacy for America than to help to bring into being a Palestinian state ... for a people ... who have been humiliated too long”; compared the PLO/Palestinian Arab movement to the American Revolution and implied the comparison of Palestinian Arab leaders to America’s founding fathers; praised America’s support of the Palestinian Authority (PA) legislative elections in January 2005 that Hamas won, saying that now Hamas can be held accountable; called PA president Mahmoud Abbas a “moderate”; and praised the Palestinians as being committed to a better future, i.e., without violence and terrorism, while saying nothing about a major cause of the problem being the PA regime’s promotion of hatred and violence against Jews in their media, textbooks and speeches.

All these points made by Secretary Rice in her keynote address to the American Task Force on Palestine are false. Consider her statements:

* “I know that sometimes a Palestinian state living side by side in peace with Israel must seem like a very distant dream. But I know too, as a student of international history, that there are so many things that once seemed impossible that, after they happened, simply seemed inevitable. I’ve read over the last summer the biographies of America’s Founding Fathers. By all rights, America, the United States of America, should never have come into being”: By saying this, Secretary Rice is implying a comparison of Yasser Arafat and Hamas leaders to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. By suggesting that the Palestinians simply seek a state of their own, not the destruction of another people’s state which also happens to be a close American ally, Secretary Rice falsely dignifies the Palestinian extremist agenda and suggests its fulfillment would be a sublime event worthy of the American Revolution....

* “I believe that there could be no greater legacy for America than to help to bring into being a Palestinian state for a people ... who have been humiliated too long”: It is astonishing that Rice claims that the establishment of Palestinian state would be America’s greatest legacy. Such a state would simply be a terrorist state. In any event, would such a US goal be the most important legacy for America? Apart from the fact that this would be a disaster in itself, could such a US goal be the most important? Is establishing a Palestinian state more important than defeating Islamofascism, preventing North Korea and Iran and other rogue states from becoming nuclear armed tyrannies or ending the domestic health care crisis where almost 50 million Americans are uninsured? ....

* The Bush Administration believes that Palestinians should be “forever free of the daily humiliation of occupation”: It is nothing but Palestinian propaganda to talk of Palestinians suffering under ‘the daily humiliation of occupation.’ First, Secretary Rice ignores the fact that the land in question is not occupied territory, but disputed territory at a minimum.... Second, Secretary Rice did not acknowledge that Israel ceded half of Judea and Samaria and all of Gaza, the land on which the Palestinian Authority (PA) was established. Third, she failed to note that 98% of the Palestinian Arab population of Judea, Samaria and Gaza is living on territory ceded by Israel to the PA, under Palestinian control. How exactly can it be said therefore that Palestinians are ‘occupied’? ... Fifth, Palestinians, of their own free will, rejected statehood under the Peel Royal Commission Plan of 1937, the UN partition plan of 1947 and the Barak peace plan in 2000, preferring war and terrorism in a bid to destroy Israel. In the case of the Barak peace plan, Israel agreed to Palestinian sovereignty over 97% of Judea and Samaria, all of Gaza and even some Israeli territory, providing the PA was willing to live in peace. For Rice to say that Palestinians deserve a life free of occupation misstates the facts, ignores Palestinian culpability for their present situation and confers legitimacy on PLO and Hamas victimhood propaganda.

* “When it was time for [Palestinian] parliamentary elections earlier this year, we ... supported the Palestinians’ right to choose their own leaders, and as you know, a plurality of voters cast their votes for Hamas. At the time of the election, there were those who criticized our support for the election. And many still do. But I would ask everyone, ‘Is there a better way than to allow people to express their views, to have a role in choosing those who will govern them?’ And now look at how things are changing ... Today ... the Palestinian people and the international community can hold Hamas accountable”: It is surprising that Secretary Rice would seek at this stage to defend the Bush Administration’s decision to press for Palestinian legislative elections that included Hamas, a vicious terrorist group prohibited by the terms of the 1995 Oslo II agreement (Annex II, Article II) which the US should have insisted not take part....

* Traveled to the Middle East last week to “confer with moderate voices ... leaders like ... President Abbas”: Mahmoud Abbas is a man who not only co-founded Fatah with Yasser Arafat and served as his deputy for 40 years, but also funded the Munich massacre and wrote a PhD thesis and book denying the Holocaust. To this day, Fatah is committed in its Constitution to the destruction of Israel (Article 12) and the use of terrorism (Article 19). It has been as active as Hamas in Palestinian terrorism, killing 405 Israelis between September 2000 and December 2005, as against 442 killed by Hamas in the same period. Abbas himself has said of Palestinian terrorists that “Israel calls them terrorists, we call them strugglers” (Jerusalem Post, December 25, 2004) and further described them as “heroes fighting for freedom” ( The Age [Melbourne], January 3, 2005). When asked by President Bush at the Aqaba summit last year to state publicly that he accept Israel’s existence as a Jewish state, Abbas refused to do so. In recent months, Abbas endorsed the so-called ‘Prisoners’ Plan,’ a document produced by jailed Palestinian terrorists that endorses continued terrorism against Israel, legitimizes the murder of Jews, does not accept Israel’s existence as a Jewish state, abrogates Palestinian obligations under the signed Oslo agreements and the 2003 Roadmap peace plan, and insists on the ‘right of return.’ He has also attempted to form a unity government with Hamas, whose Charter calls for the destruction of Israel (Article 15) and the murder of Jews (Article 7). Last December, Abbas approved legislation mandating financial benefits to be paid to families of Palestinian shahids [ i.e., dead terrorists]. Under Abbas, the PA has never fulfilled its commitments under successive signed agreements and the 2003 Roadmap peace plan to fight, arrest, extradite and jail terrorists and confiscate their weaponry and end the incitement to hatred and murder in the PA-controlled media, mosques, schools and youth camps that feeds it....

* “I know the commitment of the Palestinian people to a better future. I know firsthand the commitment of President Abbas and moderate Palestinians to that future ...Let us find new and more determined ways to realize our shared vision of two states, Palestine and Israel, living side by side in peace and security.”: ...Statehood would give Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups greater power and opportunity to promote their terrorists agenda; it would not moderate them. Iran, Syria and North Korea are all sovereign states. This fact has not made them more peace-loving or less dangerous. Sovereignty does not end promotion of terrorism; to the contrary, it strengthens the ability to promote the underlying hateful agenda. Secretary Rice’s praise of Palestinian moderation is not only unmerited in view of the PA’s refusal to end terrorism and incitement to hatred and murder, but is completely at variance with the findings of successive polls ....All evidence points to Palestinians neither accepting Israel’s existence as a Jewish state nor repudiating terrorism.

* “The United States recently increased our direct assistance to the Palestinians to $468 million a year”: As the PA and Palestinians in general approve of terrorism, it is simply inappropriate for the Bush Administration to provide financial assistance to them courtesy of the American taxpayer. US funding for Palestinians sends only one message -- that the Palestinians need not change, that their goals and terrorist conduct is not a problem. By doing this, the US takes out of the equation the one piece of leverage that it holds over the PA....

ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said, “We are deeply distressed by Secretary Rice’s deeply troubling speech pandering to Arab Americans and other Arabs by making a series of false declarations. This speech is surely at odds with an Administration that claims it is ‘the best friend Israel ever had.’ If President Bush does not support the themes expressed in this speech, we urge him to make that publicly clear by distancing himself from it.”
Fellow blogger Joshuapundit dismisses Condi's remarks as 'electioneering':
Funny thing is, if the Bush Administration (or the Arab states, for that matter) were really serious about ending the Arab Israeli conflict, the last thing they would be promoting is the idea of a second Palestinian Arab state..and especially one with the characteristics this one exhibits.

What this is about of course, is gaining favor with Arab voters in the US on the eve of a tight election, as well as gaining favor with the Saudis and the EU. The Bush Administration, unfortunately has yet to realize a basic fact of life...that when you try and be all things to all people, you set yourself up for failure. Or in other words, when you try and bend basic principles to cater to your enemies, they still remain your enemies and both your enemies and your friends end up having nothing but contempt for you.
That seems unlikely to me. There aren't that many Arab voters in the US. And if the Bush administration has suddenly decided that it needs to gain favor with the Saudis and the Euroweenies, I want to know why.

If Tony Snow is correct and President Bush agrees with these remarks, we are in for a very rough time over the next two years. Especially with our own dhimmi government.


At 11:29 PM, Blogger Lois Koenig said...


Thank you for the hat tip..as I said, I am just getting the knife out of my back...again.

Seeing that the President stands behind her remarks is sick.

'Snow said there wasn't a reference to a Palestinian state being run by Abbas and Hamas. "But on the other hand, Prime Minister Abbas has also demonstrated a willingness to pursue democracy and work directly with Israel."'

Abu Mazen (once a terrorist..'PM' Abbas sounds so much more civilized, don't you know) has demonstrated a willingness...to kill Jews. Work with Israel? Ha! They never will work with, nor will they ever recognize Israel, the Jewish homeland. It seems that Jordan is just not up to their standards, and thus they continue to occupy Jewish land. I hope to see Olmert and his flunkies/thugs hauled away to prison...they are more of a threat to Israel than Mazen, it seems.

Rice was, is, and continues to be an arabist.

At 7:07 PM, Blogger Kranky (in the civilized world) said...

Carl, Israel must stand on its own. Make its own way in the world. I would suggest working more closely with India and others. China is largely only interested in raw materials for its economic engine, so unless you can show something they need in their value chain you are of no use to them. Worse, they have no problems dealing with some of the worst regimes on the planet, so be aware that they are not a friend.

I would suggest building stronger ties with Japan, Australia and others.

Regardless of this, assume that Israel needs to be fully self sufficient in all aspects within 2 years. If the dhimmicrats win here, there will be a hard left turn and 9/10 world view. This is looking more apparant all the time. Bush and his arabist buddies can't seem to grasp the damage that arabism and its related phenomenon, islamism, has done to US interests worldwide.

Maybe someday, but Baker and his cohorts need to be long gone before that happens, and foggy bottom needs to be de-loused as well.

At 3:48 AM, Blogger Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Carl,
To answer your question..

a) Forgetting CAIR's inflated numbers, there are still at least 3.5 million Muslims in America, many concentrated in strategic locations.

In 2000 (largely because Lieberman was a Jew and because they perceived that Dubbya would be Arab-friendly like Daddy) 90 of the Muslim vote in America went for Bush.

During his first term, Bush was adamantly pro Israel. He only received around 20% of the Muslims vote in 2004, but only was rewarded with about, at best, 25-30% of the Jewish vote, which went for Kerry. This cost Bush, at the very least, the state of Michigan.

That, for anyone who wants to know, is the explanation for James Baker's famous remark. And I wouldn't be surprised if some of Bush's Arab pals sidled up to him after 2004 and said `see George..we told you you couldn't trust the Jews'.

So from a cold hard political standpoint, Bush is exchanging a comparatively small amount of Jewish votes for the GOP in a tight midterm for a lot more Arab ones.

He may also realize that this will tick of his conservative base and the evangelicals, but figures they have no where else to go.

We'll have to see if he's right.

Second, and more important, Bush can curry favor with the Saudis and the EU to at least give lip service to supporting things like sanctions against Iran (not that they'll do any good) and other diplomatic endeavors...and in the case of the Arabs, to keep the oil taps turned on through the elections.

There is a whole school of American and especially European political thought that sees Israel as `incovenient' and a liability who, provided they can be `handled' and pressured into concessions can make all those nasty jihadis go away and leave everybody alone.

This is a fallacy, but its convenient, and the main impetus behind stupidity like the Road Map..mostly created by State department functionaries, Arabs and an Arab American ex-Senator with zero Israeli input..but accepted by Sharon without a qualm.

The ineffectualness of the current Israeli government is only helping this along.

This sort of thing has happened before by the way:J O S H U A P U N D I T: When History bites back

Forewarned is forearmed. And the Israelis had better be thinking seriously about getting some quality leadership.


At 7:44 AM, Blogger Carl in Jerusalem said...


There was a post on Hot Air last night that says that much of the Christian Evangelical community is going to stay home on election day. Not material for me, but you may want to blog it.

At 7:46 AM, Blogger Carl in Jerusalem said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 8:02 AM, Blogger Freedom Fighter said...

Shalom Carl,
I''ve heard that (about the evangelicals)and as I'm in contact with a number of them, I will confirm that the sentiment exists.

But come election day, many of them will hold their collective noses and vote, IMO.

They, quite rightly, see no reason to punish decent candidates (where they exist) becuase of anger at Bush and Rice.

I'm spared this, at least at the congressional level because my congressman has impeccable credentials on Israel and the War on jihad even though he's a Democrat.

As a side note, it never fails to move me how much genuine love many evangelicals have for Israel and the Jewish people. At the last pro-Israel conference I attended, fully 25% of the attendees were from Calvery Chapel.

They shame a good many Leftist secular Jews, and a major part of the support for Israel in America today comes from that community.




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