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Friday, October 20, 2006

Palestinian Civil War Watch: Haniyeh survives assassination attempt

'Moderate' Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh survived an assassination attempt this afternoon in the Gaza Strip shortly after he finished making a speech at a Gaza mosque, where he said that Hamas would reject any moves by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to call fresh elections or sack the Islamist Hamas government as a way to break a political deadlock. His convoy came under heavy gunfire and one of the vehicles was completely burnt.
Speaking to worshippers at a mosque in Gaza, Haniyeh did not explicitly say Hamas would take action to oppose Abbas, but his comments could affect efforts to ease tensions that have sparked internal clashes and stirred fears of civil war.

"All you have here are options that have no aim but to remove Hamas from government. The wheel of history will not go backward," Haniyeh said.

"All these options will not achieve stability and calm and will not represent a way out of the crisis," he said.


Haniyeh said Abbas had no right under law to call early elections or form an emergency government.
Let them at each other. Faster! Faster!

Update 3:25 PM

Both YNet and the JPost are now reporting that the shooters were disgruntled relatives of a Fatah terrorist killed in recent fighting with the Hamas terrorists. YNet denies it was an assassination attempt. The last vehicle in the motorcade was the one hit. Fatah and Hamas supposedly reached a 'cease fire' less than twelve hours ago.


At 4:46 PM, Blogger What is "Occupation" said...

The west needs to help the Palestinians!

How dare we sit back and do nothing!

I recommend the following steps at ONCE!

Set up drug smuggling INTO the west bank and gaza. ( i suggest opium (like the british did to china, but maybe pot soaked in opium)

Set up and distribute free condoms and porn into all areas of the Palestinian areas.

Print and distribute "our bodies ourselves" to all females in Palestinian areas.

Print and distribute photo's showing Mrs Arafat's wealth & lifestyle (even if she doesnt live in paris anymore, so what?)

Start a website and start thanking selected hamas and palestinian leaders for their help in giving the IDF information on each other. (of course NEVER reveal real helpful palestinians, let's just "ACCUSE" those rat bastards we don't like)

these step are needed at once to HELP the real people who call themselves "palestinians"


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