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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Israeli escapes kidnap attempt in Kiryat Sefer

An Israeli escaped a kidnap attempt at his cement factory in Kiryat Sefer today.
The attack took place around 12 p.m., police said. Army and Border Guard troops arrived at the factory shortly after and conducted searches in the area.

Police said footprints identified in the area seemed to be belonging to the four gunmen. Blood stains were also found, backing the man's claim that he had injured one of the assailants.

The Kiryat Sefer security officer, Yair Kirsehnbaum, told Ynet that the incident took place at a Solel Boneh factory, near the separation fence.

"At around 12 p.m., six people, four of them armed, approached the site manager, Yehushua Abutbul. They tried to tie the factory owner under threats, but he was armed and fired at them.

"The factory owner apparently hit one of them, and while he was escaping, one of the assailants was hit and dropped the weapon on the floor. Blood stains were also found there. They all managed to escape and crossed the separation fence toward the village of Kharbata," he said.

The Israel Defense Forces said they incident is being dealt with as a failed kidnapping attempt, but security officials refused to confirm whether the incident was a criminal act or a kidnapping attempt by terror groups.

Security officials said the assailants most likely fled to the West Bank village of Kharbata by car.
One of the suspects checked himself in to a Ramallah hospital for treatment for his injuries. Maybe now the police and the army will stop questioning whether it happened (as you can tell from the tone of the article above, they were questioning it).


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