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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Egyptian-'Palestinian' arms smuggling ring uncovered

Al-Reuters is reporting that an Egyptian-'Palestinian' arms smuggling ring has been uncovered in the Sinai Peninsula. Those arrested included five 'Palestinians' and four Egyptian police officers. Reuters reported that an unnamed source said, "Nine members of this network were caught red-handed while selling weapons and explosives on one of the streets in al-Arish to a group of Bedouin and Palestinians."

Six more suspects are still being sought in Northern Sinai. The police seized hand grenades, an assault rifle and ammunition at the time of the arrests. But the Egyptians apparently don't want to admit the 'Palestinian' involvement:
Egypt's state news agency MENA, quoting security sources, put the number of arrests at two, both police officers. It said the officers were suspected of selling ammunition, not weapons, and denied reports of Palestinian involvement.

Egypt has laid the blame for the Sinai bombings on local militants including Bedouin with militant Muslim views.
I wonder why the Egyptians are so reluctant to admit that their friends the 'Palestinians' would kill them in a minute too....


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