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Monday, September 11, 2006

With Gaza surrender's failure, left tries to reinstate Oslo

Despite the obvious failure of Ariel Sharon's disengagement surrender and expulsion plan in the Gaza Strip, Israel's delusional leftist politicians continue to try to reinstate the failed 'Oslo accords' as a means to give the country away.

Yesterday, Shimon Peres, the architect of the Oslo disaster and the promoter of the 'new Middle East', suggested to British Prime Minister Tony Blair that Israel 'kick start' the piece by piece process by 'evacuating' two 'isolated' Jewish communities in Northern Samaria. You know, if we abandon communities one or two at a time, eventually each community will have a chance to be 'isolated'.

Peres did not say which communities he had in mind, but Haaretz says this morning that he was talking about Dotan and Hermesh. Of course, since nearly everyone agrees that unilateral surrenders don't work, Peres wants Olmert to present this gift to 'moderate Palestinian President' Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen as "the third stage in the evacuation from the territories called for in the Oslo Accords." (The first two stages having been carried out in the mid-90's). In other words, Peres is trying to reinstate Oslo, despite the 'Palestinians' not having lived up to a single one of their obligations under those delusional 'accords.'

Meanwhile, Tzippi Livni, the foreign minister diplomatic neophyte who speaks no English, is no less delusional than 'elder statesman' Peres. YNet reports this morning that Livni believes that 'no matter what,' we must strive for a 'settlement' with the 'Palestinians.' What follows are excerpts from an interview on Israel Radio:
Regardless of what this process is called, the Road Map or any other process, we must strive for a settlement with the Palestinians. We can't pick and choose the problems according to the realistic possibility to implement a solution for them. At the end of the process, I would like to see two states for the two nations, based on the principles of the Quartet and the international community.

I don't want to see a terror state alongside Israel. This is one of our demands that is not negotiable.
Livni leaves for the US tomorrow in a bid to see and be seen in Washington and the UN, and to distract attention from Prime Minister Olmert's domestic problems over the mishandled Lebanon war. But of course, she denies that's the motivation:
The Palestinian issue existed before, and those who heard me speak on the matter in the past know that this is where I always stood… Licking the Lebanon wounds does not necessarily serve Israel's interests. We are still faced with the Palestinian problem, and we do not want to remain stagnated, but rather to initiate moves, lead them and set the pace.

The Road Map was there all along. It's true that we have concentrated on the disengagement and the possibility of the realignment plan in the past, but the basis fro all this is the Road Map. What matters, however, is not how the process is called, but the principles of this process – that are a phased deal with the Palestinians.
I think hope that most Israelis understand that the issue with the 'Palestinians' is not one of territory but of Israel's very existence. We cannot reach a 'settlement' with people whose goal always was and apparently always will be to 'drive the Jews into the sea.' Israelis who understand that the 'Palestinians' do not and will not - at least in our time - accept Israel's existence will also see through Livni's charade. I think hope that most Israelis figured that out from the results of the disengagement surrender and expulsion of all the Jews from the Gaza Strip. If that's not the case, we have a much more serious problem on our hands.


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