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Friday, September 15, 2006

Why Israel cannot do 'prisoner exchanges'

On the one hand, 'moderate Palestinian President' Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen pressures Israel to exchange prisoners terrorists for kidnapped IDF Corporal Gilad Shalit so that the Hamas 'ministers' and 'legislators' will be released from jail on time to join a 'national unity' government. On the other hand, Shalit's father pressures the government to do the same. In the meantime, Israel gets a reminder why we cannot agree to such exchanges.

On Thursday night, YNet reported that the IDF has received sixteen 'concrete warnings' of terrorist intentions to shoot and kidnap Israeli soldiers and civilians. As a result, the IDF is on a high state of alert.
The warnings came from the northern West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and include kidnapping attacks, suicide bombings, shooting from small-arms and from high-trajectory weapons [Kassam rockets. CiJ].

In the past few days, the Shin Bet has received many warnings on terror organizations' plans to carry out kidnapping attacks, both against Israeli citizens and against soldiers.

Following the warnings, the information was transferred to the Israel Defense Forces, which issued orders and updated them among the soldiers.


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