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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Syria denies agreeing to unarmed EU force on its border

Earlier this evening, Haaretz reported from Al-Reuters that Syria has agreed to the stationing of unarmed EU forces on its border to guard against weapons transfers to Hezbullah. But the official Syrian news agency is denying that report according to Al-AP:
"The reports by some news agencies that Syria has accepted that European border guards monitor the Lebanese-Syrian borders are not true," the official Syrian Arab News Agency reported.

The denial came hours after Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi said in Rome that Assad has agreed to allow unarmed European guards on its border with Lebanon to prevent any arms from being funneled to Hezbollah guerrillas.

Prodi said he had spoken with Assad several times over the last few days, and the Syrian leader agreed "in principle" to the EU guards.

The SANA report did not say specifically whether it was referring to armed or unarmed guards or both.
Too bad our gutless Prime Minister didn't attack the Syrians when he had the chance.


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