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Friday, September 01, 2006

Shalit's kidnappers want 1000 terrorists released

The kidnappers of IDF corporal Gilad Shalit want 500 female and juvenile terrorists released in return for releasing Shalit to Egyptian custody. They want an additional 500 Hamas terrorists released in return for releasing Shalit altogether.

The Jerusalem Post reports:

Israel is holding up the deal, and Egypt is waiting for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's response.

"The Egyptians are keeping their line of communication with the kidnappers open on a low flame," one source said. "The plan is in place. All Israel needs to do is answer the request."

The official government stance has been that Israel refuses to negotiate the return of Shalit so as not to encourage the kidnapping of additional IDF soldiers.
For once, I hope this government holds its ground. Olmert is going to come under enormous pressure to deal with Hamas and trade terrorists for Shalit. The rally Thursday night in Tel Aviv was in favor of making a deal. Israel cannot do that.


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