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Monday, September 11, 2006

New York Times: No terror in Israel

The New York Times has an op-ed this morning entitled Terrorism's Grand Tour. This is the description:
It has become grimly commonplace. While the horrific strikes in the United States are foremost in Americans’ minds, other parts of the world — as far away as Bali, but in large cities in particular — have also found themselves the targets of vicious attacks in recent years. The Op-Ed page asked writers who know some of these cities well to describe the events and consider their aftermath.
The page then goes on to give links to writers in Madrid, London, Mumbai, Istanbul and Nairobi. I guess they couldn't find a writer in Bali, although at least they do mention Bali. I guess they concluded that there is no terror in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or Haifa and that none of those cities rated being cited as "targets of vicious attacks in recent years."

Why does this not surprise me, given that it is the New York Times?


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