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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Middle East minorities: Unite!

FrontPageMagazine reports today that Adly Abadir, a Coptic-Christian refugee from Egypt and the international president of Copts United based in Zurich, Switzerland, is trying to bring together all the minorities in the Middle East who have endured religious, racial and ethnic persecution at the hands of the Arab-Muslim majority. In an open letter published on his website he declared: “Middle East minorities are suffering from humiliation, subjugation, and persecution in their own lands thanks to their rulers who made themselves subservient to the whims of the Wahhabi king of Saudi Arabia.”
“Saudi Arabia” Abadir contends, “is spreading terror, hatred, and humiliation and, it is killing Middle East minorities who are actually the region’s original inhabitants. It puts their blood, dignity, and possessions to waste since one of its tenets is to destroy whoever does not follow the backward and regressive Wahhabi ideology.”

The Middle Eastern minorities Abadir refers to include the Copts, Nubians (Sudanese African-Black-Muslims), Shia Muslims (in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain), Bahais (in Iran and the Arab Sunni world), Assyrian-Christians (primarily in Iraq and Syria), Sabeites, and Jews.

The Shia Islamic Republic of Iran and Syria are both engaged in ethnic cleansing. The ruling Alawi minority dominating Syria is ethnically cleansing against the non-Arab Kurds (mostly Sunni-Muslim) in the northeastern province of Al Hasakah, and replacing them with Arabs. Similarly, the Iranian regime of the Ayatollahs is cleansing the Arab-Sunni majority in the oil rich province of Khuzestan (southwestern Iran), and replacing them with Iranian Shiites and, it is persecuting its large Kurdish minority in northwestern Iran, much as Saddam Hussein did in Iraq.

Iran’s Islamic republic has created serious problems for the large communities of non-Persian minorities, including the Azeri’s and the Baluchis and is treating its small Jewish community - much like Iraq and Syria did - as hostages. Iran, like Saudi Arabia has put its triumphalist ideology above everything else, forcing its ideologies on the Iraqis, Palestinians, Lebanese, Somalis, Sudanese, and other Muslim countries in their quest to mobilize an Islamic front against the West.

Abadir pointed out that “Israel’s operations in Lebanon and Gaza in the last several weeks are nothing but a reaction to the criminal activities of Hezbollah and Hamas - the offshoots of the Muslim Brotherhood.” These two organizations, Abadir added, “commit their crimes in the name of Allah, as if he came down to earth and organized a party to forcibly convert the whole world to Islam through terror and killing.”

“Egypt,” according to Abadir “has become Saudi Arabia’s whorehouse,” with over five million illegitimate children fathered mostly by rich Saudis who use Egyptian soil for their “nefarious sexual appetites.” He blames the Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak for being bought off by the Saudis and for allowing Egypt to become a toy in the hands of intolerant Saudi Sheikhs.

Abadir maintains that “Saudi Arabia tried to bribe the U.S. and Britain, offering to purchase weapons from them in the sum of more than $40 billion dollars, ostensibly to defend against the Iranian danger.” This, said Abadir, was true soon after the beginning of the Iranian subversive activities in the region, using Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas. The Saudi forces, its religious police and Ulama (Muslim religious scholars), Abadir claims, are willing to purchase weaponry, however,” they cannot absorb and operate the advanced technology built in these weapons.”

Abadir believes that the Saudis are seeking to reinstate the mutual defense treaty with the U.S. that was abrogated due to Bin Laden and Muslim Brotherhood pressure. He suggests that the “Saudi dynasty is now trapped between its own Wahhabi hammer and the more vicious Iranian anvil.”

Adly Abadir calls on members of all Middle Eastern persecuted minorities in the region and abroad, including American Jews and Christians, “to work together to crush the head of the blood thirsty Wahhabi snake (and the Iranian dragon) as they threaten the rest of the world.”
Sounds more than a little utopian, but the consistent thread in all this is that whether they are Sunni or Shiite, the Muslims cannot tolerate anyone who is different. Religion of peace? Read it all.


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