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Monday, September 11, 2006

'Lebanon's Voices' to close

Lebanon's Voices, a web site sharing stories from the nation's people during the war and criticisms of Hezbullah will shut down in the next few days, due to threats against the organizers by Hezbullah.

According to Seth Eisenberg, a key member in establishing Israel Voices, a Web site sharing stories from citizens in the North to the rest of the world, when an article appeared about that site, he was contacted by an interested Lebanese man in the US.

"He wanted to know if we were affiliated with the government," Eisenberg said. "I told him we are simply sharing stories with no political agenda. They wanted to get a site up on their own."

According to the Jerusalem Post, Lebanon's Voices, has written, audio and video accounts from Lebanese in the areas affected by the war.
One of the accounts tells how a man and his family had packed to flee Tyre once the war started. As they prepared to leave, local Hizbullah members told them to unpack and stay. The man had a gun pointed at him and was ordered to return home. He wrote he wants Hizbullah to leave and if not, to fight in another city.

Hizbullah's television station Al-Manar ran a series of stories on the Web site calling its organizers "collaborators with Israel."
And we all know what happens to 'collaborators with Israel' don't we?

Eisenberg told that the Post that the Lebanese site's founders "felt compelled to close the site to avoid any threats to their families or themselves." I can just imagine.


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