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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Kadima Achora Civil War Watch: Olmert leaves the ivory tower

Ehud Olmert left the ivory tower of the Prime Minister's office this evening, and faced just the tip of the iceberg of the anger and resentment that has been welling up against him in this country: He faced his own political party. If this is any indication, I suspect that Olmert will become a recluse real soon.
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's speech at the Kadima New Year's toast Wednesday night was drowned out by shouts of protest from reservists and their families, who carried banners and called loudly for the prime minister to resign.

"Go home, Olmert," yelled several demonstrators in the crowd. Cries of "Where are the kidnapped soldiers?", "Where is your honor and the honor of Israel?", and "1300 shekels isn't enough" were also heard.
The bias in the rest of this article is appalling. It's attributed to the Post's "staff" and one has to wonder who at the staff wrote it. Someone needs to remind them that this is a news article and not an editorial or an Olmert pep rally. Unfortunately, I already know from past experience that they won't take letters to the editor except about articles that appear in the print edition. So if this article is rewritten for the morning papers, it will go unpunished. But the bias in this article is astounding:
Olmert turned the protest to his advantage, thanking god that "in a democratic society," everyone could express their opinions. However, he said, "the majority of people here think otherwise."

The prime minister pushed on admirably with his speech, acknowledging that the country had gone through difficult times and paid a "painful price," and praising Israel for standing united and strong throughout.

"I accept the fact that there are those who are angry and those who are disappointed," he said, but declared that "at the end of the day, all of us are one nation, united, unified."

Olmert added that "if maybe for one second, [former prime minister] Arik Sharon would return to us, he would enjoy the love and the support" that Israel was showing.
Excuse me - I just lost my dinner.

Haaretz characterizes the protesters as "IDF reservists" who "burst into the meeting."
Olmert was making a toast celebrating the Jewish New Year to officials of his Kadima Party - attended by some 3,000 Kadima activists - when a handful of Israel Defense Forces reserve soldiers and members of bereaved families began heckling him.
You expect me to believe that all those people got past the tough Israeli security? YNet is pretty much the same:
Later on, when Olmert went on stage and began delivering his speech, the protesters burst into the hall and attempted to interrupt the PM by yelling, "You can't buy us… it won't work, we'll kick you out, you're going home."

In face of the commotion caused by the protesters, who confronted security guards in their attempt to push through and enter the hall, the PM responded by saying: "Thank you, gentlemen. It's okay to protest, it's okay to disturb. We know how to accept this in a democratic system. Thank God the great majority of the people sitting here think different. I salute you."
No one from Kadima Achora protested? That strains belief....


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