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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Israel on verge of trading terrorists for Shalit

Arutz Sheva is reporting that Israel is on the verge of trading 800-1000 terrorists for kidnapped IDF Corporal Gilad Shalit. That will teach those 'Palestinians' not to kidnap Israeli soldiers! /sarcasm

According to reports, talks are underway towards reaching a deal by which Shalit will be released in exchange for Israel setting free 800 terrorists. Shalit’s release would be accompanied by the release of 300 terrorists from Israeli prisons. Stage two of the plan would demand Israel release an additional 300 terrorists, and the final stage, to be accomplished by year’s end, would demand the release of 200 prisoners.

According to a report appearing last week in the Saudi Okaz newspaper, an Israeli delegation visited Egypt in an effort to negotiate a prisoner release deal. The deal would demand Israel release 1,000 terrorists.


Government officials are signaling however that Fatah Tanzim leader Marwan Barghouti, who is serving multiple life sentences for his terrorist acts, will not be among those released.


While political and security establishment sources are signaling talks are moving ahead towards obtaining Shalit’s release, the Prime Minister’s Office released a statement that “We are unaware of any impending deal towards the release of soldiers,” adding that in the past, there has been talk but no one was released.

The Prime Minister’s Office adds it is unaware of any progress in talks towards a prisoner release deal.

Despite the statement of denial from the Prime Minister’s Office, reports indicate that the deal in the works would coincide with the Muslim holiday of Id el-Fitr, which follows Ramadan, a holiday that is generally accompanied by pardons for prisoners in Muslim countries. This year, Id ed-Fitr is observed on Sept. 23rd.

While Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s staff is not confirming reports, it has been learned that Ophir Dekel, an aide to Mr. Olmert, last week traveled to Germany where he met with Ernst Uhrlau, head of the BND Intelligence Agency, reportedly to discuss German mediation efforts towards obtaining the release of Shalit and two soldiers held by Hizbullah, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev.

Uhrlau arrived in Beirut last week, reportedly to discuss the prisoner release deal. Israel however remains adamant in her refusal to include Samir Kuntar in a prisoner release deal, but Jerusalem is willing to release other Lebanese prisoners held by Israel, numbering less than 30.

Israel will also hand over the bodies of Hizbullah terrorists and the daily Yediot Achronot reports that Syria is also making the demands, seeking the release of 20 Druse residents of the Golan Heights who are imprisoned in Israel. The report states that the Syrian demands are not tied to this negotiating effort.


At 11:41 AM, Blogger yitz said...

Ridiculous! It should be one-for-one, or go back into Gaza and/or Lebanon and FINISH THE WAR!!!

At 1:34 PM, Blogger Carl in Jerusalem said...

It shouldn't even be one for one. Any 'exchange' is just going to encourage the next kidnappers.

At 11:13 PM, Blogger Yoel.Ben-Avraham said...

"The Prime Minister’s Office adds it is unaware of any progress in talks towards a prisoner release deal."

This proves its a done deal!


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