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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Is Israel preparing for another withdrawal surrender?

Israel appears to be preparing for another withdrawal surrender according to German Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung. In an interview with YNet today, Jung said that Germany is "under the impression that Israel is willing to enter negotiations on the future of the Shebaa Farms." Let's reward Hezbullah while we're at it.
“We have very encouraging signs from all parties involved. We have received signals from Israel that it would be willing to enter negotiations on the Shebaa Farms, and the Lebanese Prime minister is also relaying positive messages regarding the possibility of stability in the region, especially along the border with Israel.

“Syria is also indicating that it wants to stabilize the situation,” he said. “This is why the German government is sending its foreign minister on a tour of the region.”

Jung made the comments as the Bundestag was convening to approve the deployment of German naval forces in Lebanon. Germany has made it clear that it would not allow Israel to operate in Lebanese territorial waters.

German navy vessels will control the area from Rosh Hanikra in the south to the Lebanon-Syria border in the north.

Jung said Germany has sent customs agents and police officers to Beirut’s airport to prevent the transfer of arms.
There is no reason for Israel to get involved in the Syrian - Lebanese 'dispute' over Shebaa, and there is certainly no reason for Israel to start giving gifts to Syria or Hezbullah. The entire 'controversy' over Shebaa is manufactured. There is no reason for Israel to play along with it.

Update 6:07 PM

Druze leader Walid Jumblatt of Lebanon told the Lebanon Broadcasting Corporation in an interview today that the entire Shebaa 'controversy' is a distraction and that the chinless ophthalmologist of Damascus is trying to take over Lebanon again.
Lebanon’s Druze leader, Walid Jumblatt , said Tuesday, ”Hafez Assad was a cultural criminal, but his son is a mafia head and not a government head.” He spoke out in an interview with the Lebanese television channel LBC.


“The Syrian regime is only interested in overthrowing the country or damaging its ability to function, in order to enter the political vacuum through revolution or security related incidents. That, is to sabotage the establishment of an international tribunal (regarding the murder of Rafik Hariri),” said Jumblatt.

In an interview with LBC’s May Shediak - who was severely injured about a year ago in an attempted assassination, apparently instigated by Syria following criticism on her part – Jumblatt hinted that Syria’s methods hadn’t changed.

According to him there are still “whispers and signals” to hurt Lebanese Prime Minister (PM) Fouad Siniora, similar as to what occurred on the night former Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri was assassinated.

Jumblatt criticized Syria regarding the Shebaa Farm issue, saying it avoided agreeing on a border in order to keep things vague, allowing itself and Iran to keep a hold on Lebanon.

He continued to say that both countries had ambitions, nuclear and vengeful, and that “if Lebanon’s central government doesn’t have a monopoly on decisions of war and peace, it will find itself coexists with a neighboring country called Hizbullah.”

During the interview, Jumblatt admitted that there wasn’t effective supervision of sea ports and country borders, contrary to what was required by security council decision 1701. “The borders and some of the ports don’t carry out thorough searches of ships, and Hizbullah decides on that.” [Someone had better tell that to the Germans. CiJ]

Jumblatt mocked Hizbullah Secretary-General Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah’s declaration of a “divine victory” against Israel. “This isn’t a devine victory, but a financial victory. Those who give money and weapons are those who give the orders, and others become hostages. Even civilians holding money have become hostages to those they receive the money from.”
For the record, a month ago, Jumblatt predicted that Hezbullah's 'victory' would bring down Ehud Olmert's government. Here's to still hoping that one will come true.


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