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Wednesday, September 20, 2006



Iraq the Model takes Muslims to task over the 'controversy' with the Pope:
Now let's see, the chief cleric of the al-Azhar university accused the pope of ignorance about Islamic history, right? Let's hear what another history scholar from al-Azhar said in one of his books about the same stage of Islamic history as the one the pope was referring to.

Sheikh Khaleel Abdul Kareem in his book "Shadu al-Rababa fi Ahwal al-Sahaba" (first edition 1997) said:

"Did the invaded people take the belief of the invaders voluntarily? What were they expected to do after seeing with their own eyes their men being slaughtered even after they surrendered and raised the white flag? Or when they saw their houses burned down, women taken slaves, belongings purged and taxes imposed, where they expected to keep their religion or move to embrace that of their invading masters to get away from the punishment?"

I believe this testimony which comes from one of al-Azhar scholars is way more critical than the words the pope quoted…

By the way, Khaleel Abdul Kareem was prosecuted more than once but was never pronounced guilty because of his factual and objective approach in which he used examples and proofs taken from the history texts approved by al-Azhar and the like.
His prosecutors backed off when they realized that denouncing him would mean renouncing the history the live by and that's what none of them dared to do.

Some accuse the pope of bad timing but I wonder what is going to be the best time to accept criticism and accept questions? Next year? a decade from now? When?

There will no be such time for our clerics who derive their power from this history, and to them, questioning or criticizing this history is a threat to their holiness and power.
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At 9:17 PM, Blogger What is "Occupation" said...

If the islamic world is allowed to threaten death with the justification of an insult the world will cease to be.

just to get the ball rolling an open letter to islam:

Dear Mr & Mrs Islam,

Since day one when your prophet stole the holy books of the Jews and of the Christians of the world, then changed them to fit your newly invented fiction you also murdered and beheaded thousands of innocent peoples around the globe from arabia (medina) to vienna (europe).

Your faith, if it can make excuses for these lies, murders and enslavements cannot be an expression of justice from the creator.

So please know that from this day on , I shall teach my children that islam equal satan.

Have a nice day


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