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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Iran test-fires 2000 pound guided bomb

State-run Iranian television reported today that Iran ended its large-scale military exercises by test-firing a 2000-pound guided bomb.
"It is a flying bomb and can be used as a guided long-range air-to-surface missile," Gen. Amir Amini, deputy commander of Iran's air force, told state TV.

Amini added that the bomb was a special weapon developed for penetrating military, economic and strategic targets located deep underground on the soil of the enemy.

He said the bomb has an "exceptional" explosive power against its targets either on the ground or in the sea.

The bomb, named Qassed or Herald, was shown in a televised picture in white, yellow, red and green colors.

A flying bomb is an unmanned aerial vehicle or small aircraft carrying a large explosive warhead. In contrast to a bomber aircraft, which is intended to release bombs and then return to its base, a flying bomb crashes into its target and is therefore itself destroyed in its attack.
Iran's goal is to become militarily self-sufficient.

But given that they have so many willing and able suicide bombers, I wonder why they need to send unmanned aerial vehicles. Why not let the suicide bombers have their shot at 72 virgins raisins? Why spend so much money for unmanned vehicles? Hmm....


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