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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


At The Micah Report, columnist Micah Halperin summarizes the inverted reality that is the cease fire hudna between Israel and Lebanon:
What is right is wrong and what should be white is black. It is an inversion of reality.

The notion that fifteen thousand international forces complimented by another fifteen thousand Lebanese soldiers will patrol the border between Lebanon and Israel is a myth. It is a grandiose story.

The notion that these international force soldiers will disarm any Hezbollah members attempting to infiltrate the area is - and was from the very outset - just one big myth. It is just one big lie.

On paper, it was a great ploy. It was a way to end the hostilities. In reality, it never had a chance at success. There was never a chance that it would, could or will ever happen.

On paper, The Cease Fire Document clearly stipulates the duties and responsibilities of the international force and the guidelines under which the cease fire is in effect. In reality, the document is being disregarded. Those nations involved in implementing the cease fire and forming the international force are, in essence, re-inventing, re-working, re-formatting and totally disregarding the word and the spirit of the document.
Maybe someone in Israel will remember this the next time (and there will be a next time)? Don't hold your breath.

Read the whole thing.


At 4:11 AM, Blogger What is "Occupation" said...

but it IS a hunda for Israel, dont misjudge the big picture.

israel has learned a great deal, there is another war going on as we speak, iran vrs the usa in iraq and plays are in motion...

this is the game go... way beyond chess, go..

israel selectively probed and DID not fall for the trap that syria/iran/hezbollah had planned for years.

it cost the syrians/iran/hezbollah over 1 billion dollars to prepare a trap of massive killing of idf forces. but israel did not play that game, they did not rush in fast and get cut or bombed to ribbons, they struck and withdrew, they learned the battle field, they did this for 30 days! hezbollah lost hugh amounts of both fighters and materials and they LOST the fear factor of the 10,000 rockets.

Iran now is rushing to rearm (with syria) hezbollah, the ground aint what it was, the bunkers are not what they were.. they are still there but now there are hundreds of thousands of displaced syrians, iranians & lebanese that were driven from thier homes. they cannot simply return.

the cost to lebanon is 3.6 billion on infrastructure, and another 5 billion on cleanup from oil spills and more...

all of this while yes things are not rosy in israel with the palestinians, they are attempting to smuggle rpg's and anti-tank missiles into gaza to continue the fight. but at the same time, in the last 30 days hundreds of PA/Fatah/Hamas terrorists have been killed, more even arrested and even more punishment has been dealt.

and not a chirp out of the arab league, or the UN.

I think the tipping point is happening... the big one

the historic loss of palestinians, syria, hezbollah & iran is approaching...

i can feel it...

At 4:15 AM, Blogger What is "Occupation" said...

oh, during this "go to school" time that the IDF just went through the USA also went through it too, they BOTH learned about advanced iranian fiber optic communication and control technology, about hezbollah (iranian/syrian) abilities to listen in on IDF telecom and the anti-tank issue.

this was all preplanned. idf & usa are allowing iran/syria/hezbollah to show thier hands and then we can adapt to the challege.

i hope i a am not just wishful thinking, but i see a big picture here and it's not fitting with the short term discriptions i have been hearing for 45 days now.

no israeli leader thinks that the war is over in any way shape or form... time for israel to re-arm, re-tool, and re-calculate, another big battle (of a long war) is about to happen..


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