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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Identifying friends and enemies

In today's Jerusalem Post, Caroline Glick goes after the Bush administration for its lack of moral clarity in going after terrorists. If there were a new story, it might be possible to attribute it to new members of the Bush administration. But the story raises important issues that have been present since 9/11 - recall, for example, Ariel Sharon's Czechoslovakia speech. The Bush administration's lack of clarity is undercutting the War on Terror:
In order to conduct information operations effectively you have to be willing to identify your enemies and your allies, and to point fingers at those who refuse to take sides and embarrass them for sitting on the fence. That is, you need moral courage and clarity. You need to be willing to make people angry at you if you wish to earn their respect and support.

For the past five years the Bush administration has shirked this unpleasant task. It has categorized Saudi Arabia, the prime financier and propagator of jihad, as its ally. It has labeled Egypt, the epicenter of jihadist propaganda and incitement, a paragon of moderation and a stalwart ally.

Then there is Pakistan, which created the Taliban and has served as a refuge for Osama bin Laden since November 2001. Pakistan, too, is labeled a great ally, as are the Europeans and the Russians.

Israel, on the other hand, is a problem. Israel is the excuse that all of America's "great allies" give for refusing to act like America's allies. In the interests of pleasing its great allies, America holds Israel at arm's length.

Unfortunately, this policy sends exactly the wrong message. It teaches America's "allies" that they have nothing to lose by double-crossing the US. And it teaches truly liberal forces in the Muslim world and in the non-Islamic world that the US will not keep faith with them, and that they are, essentially on their own if they wish to take on the forces of jihad in their own societies and throughout the world.

THE BUSH administration's refusal to acknowledge the difference between its enemies and its allies was most pronounced last week in the president's meetings with Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf and Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas.
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At 3:45 AM, Blogger Kranky (in the civilized world) said...

Yes Carl, the US Government has failed to label enemies as enemies and treat friends as friends. Israel needs to be self sufficient and independent from the US, for its own protection.


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