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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Chinless ophthalmologist favors another war, plans to bring human shields to Golan Heights

According to a report in Middle East Newsline, Syrian strongman Bashar Assad, buoyed by what he sees as Hezbullah's success in this summer's war against Israel, has ordered his military to prepare for a regional war.
Israeli intelligence sources said Syrian President Bashar Assad has ordered a series of measures meant to bolster the preparedness of his military. The sources cited increased training, exercises, procurement as well as an examination of Israeli ground and air battles in Lebanon in July and August.

"We see signs of a new strategy in the Syrian military based on the lessons from the Hizbullah war," an intelligence source said. "It could take months until the picture becomes clearer."

The sources said the Intelligence Corps has detected Syrian activities in the Golan Heights that could mark preparations for another war. They said Syria appeared to be planning to bring people to the Golan to serve as a human shield during any conflict with Israel.
There's that Arab love of death coming out again. Especially when it's other people's deaths and not the leadership's deaths.


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