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Friday, September 08, 2006

Bloody 'prisoners' without blood on their hands

Every time the Israeli government releases 'prisoners' as a 'goodwill gesture' or in a 'prisoner exchange,' the government goes to great lengths to assure the Israeli public that those being released 'do not have blood on their hands,' i.e. however heinous their crimes might have been, they did not kill any Israelis (although they may have tried to). Now, with Israel once again on the verge of releasing hundreds of prisoners terrorists in exchange for kidnapped (by Hamas) IDF Corporal Gilad Shalit and kidnapped (by Hezbullah) IDF soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, a new study by the Almagor Terror Victims Association demonstrates that at least fourteen of the major terrorist attacks in recent years were carried out by terrorists released from prison in the context of such 'goodwill gestures' and 'prisoner exchanges.' All of them were released with assurances to the public that they did not have 'blood on their hands.' But the facts proved otherwise.
Between the years 1993-1999, in the context of “confidence building measures” and prisoner deals, Israel released 6,912 terrorists. 854 of them (14%) were arrested subsequently for murder, attempted or otherwise. There are no statistics available for those who returned to non-fatal terrorist activities, instruction or logistical support.

“The mass killing due to these attacks included 123 murdered Israeli citizens, a huge number of victims with disabilities due to the attack and many other victims,” the report concludes. “In all the previous death-bargains, the overwhelming majority of those released returned to terrorist activities, at the cost of a huge destruction of life.”

A sampling of the report:


Nasser Abu Hamiyad – released as part of the Oslo Accords:
* Took part in Ramallah lynch, mutilating bodies of IDF reservists Vadim Norzitz and Yossi Avrahami
* February 25, 2002: Initiated attack on Jerusalem’s Neve Yaakov neighborhood, murdering a female police officers and wounding 10.
* March 5, 2002: Responsible for attack on Seafood Market in Tel Aviv, murdering Israelis Eliyahu Dahan and Yossi Havi, wounding 31.

Abbas ibn Muhammad Alsayd – released in 1996; had a part in three Netanya attacks:
* March 4, 2001: Dispatched Herzl street suicide bombing, murdering Naftali Din, Shlomit Ziv, Yvgeni Malkin and wounding 56.
* May 18, 2001: Responsible for suicide bombing of HaSharon Mall in Netanya, murdering Miriam Wachsman, Yulia Tartiakov, David (Moti) Yarkoni, Vladislov Sorokin and Tirza Tishbi, and wounding 86.
* Helped plan and carry out Park Hotel Passover massacre, murdering 29 and wounding 155.

Ramez Sali Abu Salim – released February 20, 2003:
* Just seven months after release, on September 9: Blew himself up at Jerusalem’s Cafי Hillel, murdering David Shimon Avizdris, Yehiel Emil Toubol, Shafik Karem, Alon Mizrachi, Gila Moshe, Dr. David Yaakov Appelbaum and his daughter Nava – one the eve of her wedding. [Nava Applebaum HY"D was a classmate of my eldest daughter. CiJ]


Jihad Alamrin – released as part of the Jibril deal in 1985:
* Founded the Al Aksa Brigades terror group in Gaza
* Planted explosives that killed IDF soldiers Cpl. Asher Zagori, Cpl. Moshe Peled, Cpl. Ron Lavi, Cpl. Matan Biderman and others.

Salah Shahadeh – released in 2000:
* January 9, 2002: Oversaw infiltration into IDF’s Africa Lookout, killing four soldiers.
* March 7, 2002: Shooting attack at Atzmona pre-military academy, murdering Ariel Zaga, Baruch Marcus, Eran Pikar, Aharon Krugliak and Tal Kutzweil.


The report was dispatched to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Defense Minister Amir Peretz, Chief of Staff Dan Halutz and interim Justice Minister Meir Sheetrit.

The umbrella organization is made up of families of slain terror victims and others affected personally by Islamic terrorism in Israel. They are issuing a call to the government to refuse to release terrorists in return for the three IDF soldiers being held by Hamas and Hizbullah.
Read it all.


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