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Monday, September 25, 2006

Arabs know how to deal with failed suicide bombers

An Iraqi woman who admitted on Jordanian television that she intended to blow herself up as part of a triple bombing in Amman that killed sixty people last November is facing death by hanging. You all know that in Israel, she would be trade bait in the next 'prisoner exchange.'
Seven people were sentenced to death yesterday for triple hotel bombings that killed 60 people in Jordan's capital last November.

The only one in custody was a 35-year-old Iraqi woman, Sajida Al Rishawi, who confessed on Jordanian television shortly after the blasts that she intended to carry out a suicide attack on one of the hotels.

Six others, including another Iraqi woman, were sentenced in absentia and remain at large. They are believed to be hiding in Iraq.


The court said Sajida and the other six were found guilty "beyond doubt" in Jordan's deadliest terror attack in recent history and would hang. During the 10-minute hearing yesterday, Sajida sat on the floor of a small fenced-in dock, her head resting to the side on her shoulder. She appeared emotionless as she watched the three-judge panel.

Sajida's lawyer, Hussain Al Masri, said: "She told me that she expected either to be sentenced to death, or to be sent back to Iraq." He planned to file an appeal soon.
I wonder which fate the lady considers to be worse.

By the way, Abu Musab Al Zarqawi was also originally a defendant in this trial, having taken responsibility for the attacks. The United States beat the Jordanians to him.


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