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Friday, September 29, 2006

Anti-Semitism on the rise in Venezuela

Blogger Daniel at Venezuela News and Views provides a translation of a viciously anti-Semitic article from the Caracas daily El Diario.
Zionists, the destructive sect of radical Jews, are again impregnating the Jewish community with its animosity towards humanity. The genocide they executed in Palestine and Lebanon is similar to the Holocaust which the Nazis executed against them, and they will undergo another
Holocaust because of the global hatred they are accumulating. If the Jews have charged the Nazis for their victims, they will have to pay Lebanon for their killings. The Jewish race is condemned to disappear, because if they continue marrying among themselves they will continue to degenerate; if they open their marriages they will racially dilute themselves, so they only recourse is to stay united, to provoke wars, and auto-genocides.

Israelis are lying when they say they are the favored people of God; on the contrary, because they are always at war and without their own land, it seems that they are marked for having destroyed Jesus Christ. We should reform the Bible which falsely refers to them as the chosen race by God, and we will act to stop them from manipulating the Jewish community. The United States is trapped by Zionists who control their economy and many critical positions in their government; and we must
avoid that this critical situation takes place in Venezuela before they also ruin us, because they can possess any nationality, but first they act as Jews in whatever land they plant themselves. Israel couldn't resist that despite possessing Jerusalem as the capital of the Christian world, Lebanon continued to have more international
tourism, and now, due to international repulsion, Israel will have even less [tourism].
Read the whole thing.

The American Thinker says that anti-Semitism in Venezuela is being orchestrated by none other than Hugo Chavez:
Anti-Semitic graffiti is appearing much more frequently in Caracas. Some Venezuelans believe Chavez was imbued with anti-Semitism by his mentor, Norbeto Ceresole, an Argentine known for his extreme neo-Nazi views. A local columnist, Sammy Eppel, bravely states, “the government has adopted an anti-Semitic policy”. This problem will probably worsen, and Chavez intends to set up his version of Al Jazeera throughout the Spanish-speaking world, providing another outlet for his anti-Semitism.
According to the American Thinker, several US Congressman need to be asked about their support for Chavez, including two from my home state of Massachusetts: William Delahunt and Ed Markey.


At 9:35 PM, Blogger ShumBaayaMyLord said...

Markey will hide behind the fact that his wife is Jewish, and dodge the Chavez issue.

When I was an undergrad activist for Soviet Jewry issues and met with Markey's foreign-policy director in conjunction with the massive anti-Gorbachev/pro-Refusenik rally in DC some 20 years ago, I got zero positive feedback from this guy. In the Markey view at that meeting, pressing the Soviets to release their tormented Jews would present a stumbling block to mutual nuclear disarmament efforts.

The buffoonery has gone on like this for some 20-odd years. Sigh...

At 3:37 AM, Blogger M. Simon said...

You know we are still paying for the Roman hatred of the Zionists.


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