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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

63% of 'Palestinians' want to rocket Israeli cities

This is a story that is being covered now by all three of Israel's major English-language newspaper web sites. In case any of you don't know which newspaper is known as "Israel's Hebrew Palestinian Daily," I am reproducing their headlines for you, so that you can consider yourselves forewarned and forearmed:

Hizbullah inspires 63% of Palestinians

Poll: Most Palestinians back Hizbullah

Poll: 67% of Israelis want talks with Palestinians

The poll was an Israeli and 'Palestinian' public opinion poll conducted by the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in Ramallah.

In the poll, which was conducted last week, 63% of the 'Palestinians' agreed that 'Palestinians' should copy Hezbullah's methods by launching rockets at Israeli cities, compared to 35% who disagreed.

Similar levels of support for copying Hizbullah's methods were obtained in July 2000, following Israel's flight from Southern Lebanon (65% of the 'Palestinians' supported it then, and 27% opposed). It should be noted that the Oslo War (sometimes known as the (second) intifadeh) was started by the 'Palestinians' two months after Ehud Barak pulled the IDF out of Lebanon, although at the time, the reference to "Hezbullah tactics" referred to guerilla attacks and suicide bombings against IDF troops, and not to firing rockets at Israeli cities.

The latest poll also showed that 57% of 'Palestinians' support armed attacks against Israeli civilians within the green line that marks the pre-1967 border (i.e. not just in Judea and Samaria).

75% of the 'Palestinians' support kidnapping Israeli soldiers as bargaining chips for the release of 'Palestinian' prisoners terrorists held in Israel.

However, 77% of Palestinians support the call for a ceasefire between 'Palestinians' and Israelis and 74% believe that 'Palestinians' cannot depend on armed action only and must reach a political settlement with Israel. The question that both of those results pose is, "under what conditions?"

On the other hand, only 59 percent of 'Palestinians' support negotiations between Israel and the Hamas-led Palestinian government with 38 percent opposed, as compared with a June survey in which 70 percent of Palestinian respondents said they support Hamas negotiations with Israel.

On the Israeli side, 67% supported negotiations with a Palestinian unity government that includes Hamas. Even under conditions of a Hamas-led government, increased moderation can be seen among Israelis, with 56% supporting and 43% opposing talks with a Hamas government. One has to wonder why. On the other hand, supporting negotiations is a long way from saying that we should give them anything.

The poll also revealed that 56 percent of Israeli respondents oppose withdrawal from the Golan Heights in exchange for a peace piece by piece agreement with Syria.

Seventy-seven percent of Israeli Jews said they believed Israeli Arabs have an affinity toward the Hezbollah guerilla group, and 68 percent of Israeli Arabs who admitted this was true.

70 percent of Israeli Arabs said they believed Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah took their fate into consideration, compared to 24 percent of Israeli Jews who answered the same question.

Twenty-four percent of Israeli Arabs, compared to one percent of Israeli Jews, said they believed the war in Lebanon had been launched primarily over control of the Shaba Farms region.

Eighty-four percent of Israeli Arabs said Israel should not have gone to war in Lebanon, while 21 percent of Israeli Jews believed it had been a mistake to go to war.

This post is a compendium of all three articles. For those who are interested in seeing how the Israeli media works, I recommend comparing the three articles to see what details each of them gives and what details each of them leaves out.


At 10:54 PM, Blogger Beach Girl said...

Carl, glad to meet you. I am not Jewish. I believe that Israel should not give one/quarter of an inch of land to any of those murderers. If the Jewish folks have learned nothing else over the last 4,000 years, it should be that there is no truth from their Arab neighbors who are now Muslims, circa 650AD or so. No truth, not one word.

I sat in my livingroom and cried as the Jewish soldiers ripped the people from their homes in Gaza. My heart wept because it was a terrible, terrible thing to have happen.

A terrible day is coming and we must not allow Islamic leaders to do an end-run and install Sharia Law. They are working on it through Political Correctness. I do not know if you can hear Michael Savage there in Israel. He is a strong friend of Israel.

Among other obvious problems with Islam taking over Europe, there will be no place to go. When things really hit the fan, the US will close itself up tighter than a drum if it still can. If you can, you may want to go to the site, A Western Heart. It is good too and is out of Australia. If you need the link, go to my site and you'll see it there.

Take care.


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