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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Zombietime: Reuters Commits Four Types of Fraud

The always-thorough Zombie walks us through the different ways in which Al-Reuters has attempted to defraud us with their pictures of Lebanon, complete with examples:
The four types of photographic fraud perpetrated by Reuters photographers and editors are:

1. Digitally manipulating images after the photographs have been taken.

2. Photographing scenes staged by Hezbollah and presenting the images as if they were of authentic spontaneous news events.

3. Photographers themselves staging scenes or moving objects, and presenting photos of the set-ups as if they were naturally occurring.

4. Giving false or misleading captions to otherwise real photos that were taken at a different time or place.
Read the whole thing and look at the pictures. For those who have not seen her work before, Zombie is a professional photographer and is so hated by adherents of the 'religion of peace' that they catcall her name at every demonstration in Northern California (her home).


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