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Friday, August 04, 2006

Useful Useless idiots

YNet is reporting this morning that the European Union has enlisted the help of the chinless ophthalmologist of Damascus in 'ending' the 'crisis' in Lebanon. Bashar Assad met yesterday with Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos and "Damascus agreed to play a constructive role in settling the conflict by pressing Hezbullah to accept a ceasefire."

Say what? From Day One of this conflict, all Nasrallah has wanted is a cease fire that leaves him holding two Israeli soldiers captive so that he can spend the next three years negotiating a 'prisoner exchange' with Israel, in which we would trade hundreds of terrorists in return for two soldiers who may or may not be alive. Assad himself also called for a cease fire two weeks ago, out of fear that Hezbullah would drag him into the conflict by using Syria as a trans-shipment point for weapons from Iran, something over which Assad apparently has no control.

So where is Moratinos' great accomplishment? (The YNet article goes on to say that Assad also agreed to support Lebanese Prime Minister Siniora's seven-points plan, which would disarm Hezbullah, but the Syrian thinking on this has to be that it's their ticket back to playing a role in Lebanon).


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