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Friday, August 04, 2006

Two people killed as 70 Katyushas hit in less than an hour

Two people were killed in northern Israel this afternoon as seventy Katyusha rockets hit in less than an hour.

A Hizbullah-fired rocket killed a 27-year-old woman in Mughar, making this the third time the village was struck by rockets. According to reports, the woman heard the warning siren and entered an inner room in her home, which did not have a shelter, and was killed inside. Two other people were seriously wounded in the town.

In Tiberias, another woman was killed, and one person was seriously wounded.

Other places hit included Kiryat Shmona, Kibbutz Sha'ar Yashuv, Tsfat (Safed) and Hurfeish.

In Kiryat Shmona, a car suffered a direct hit, and one person was seriously wounded and two were moderately wounded.


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