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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Red Cross asks for aid convoys via Rosh Hanikra

And now that we know that the Red Cross is aiding Hezbullah terrorists and their human shields remaining in southern Lebanon, the Israeli government is going to let them do it through the front door of the Rosh HaNikra crossing (on the Mediterranean coast) rather than making them do it using makeshift bridges over the bombed out Litani River.

Do we want to win this war????
Dr. Jakob Kellenberger, the president of the International Committee of the Red Cross, arrived from Lebanon Wednesday via the Rosh Hanikra crossing and visited Magen David Adom facilities in the North.

Kellenberger asked Israel to allow an aid convoy to enter Lebanon to help victims of IAF bombings, said Noam Yifrach, chairman of the MDA's executive committee.

Kellenberger told Israeli officials he had five or six Red Cross trucks ready to go into Lebanon via the Rosh Hanikra border crossing on the Mediterranean coast.

Israel has declared south Lebanon a no-drive zone, warning that any vehicles on the roads would be considered potential target, suspected of carrying fighters or weapons for Hizbullah. It said, however, that exceptions would be made for humanitarian purposes.

The air force has destroyed most of the bridges and roads between Beirut and the south to prevent more rockets from reaching Hizbullah, making it difficult for aid to reach the south from within Lebanon.

Yifrach said Magen David Adom would seek permission from the Foreign and Defense ministries to assist the Red Cross convoys.

"It could happen as soon as tomorrow," Yifrach said after accompanying Kellenberger on a tour of communal bomb shelters in the North.


Kellenberger, a Swiss citizen, praised MDA for treating and evacuating thousands of victims of Hizbullah rocket attacks.

In Beirut, Kellenberger met with President Emile Lahoud, Prime Minister Fuad Saniora and Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri. They discussed the humanitarian situation in Lebanon, ways of providing assistance and protection for those affected by the armed conflict, and the ICRC's ongoing operations in the country.

Kellenberger did not make political statements during his first day in Israel, but he will hold a press conference at the American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem on Thursday.

I can't wait.



At 9:33 PM, Blogger ShumBaayaMyLord said...

Adding insult to insult which heaps further injury upon injury, Kellenberger is hosting his press conference at the American Colony Hotel in J'lem. Carl, please skewer this and highlight the profoundly insulting and high-handed nature of this location selection. You know and I know what the American Colony Hotel implies. Please tell everyone else on the blog.

At 7:39 AM, Blogger Carl in Jerusalem said...

The American Colony is right next door to Orient House - the PLO's headquarters in Jerusalem until Israel shut it down five years ago this week in response to the Sbarro atrocity (August 9, 2001).


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