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Monday, August 14, 2006

'Palestinians' fire Katyusha and Kassam at Ashkelon

Now that things have temporarily quieted down in Lebanon, we can pay more attention to the 'Palestinian' front again. The 'Palestinians' fired a Katyusha (Grad type) and a Kassam at Ashkelon today. The Katyusha caused one person to go into shock and damaged surrounding buildings, while the Kassam fell into an empty field.

The IDF killed the shooters immediately afterwards. Of course, the 'Palestinians' have a different version of that last detail:
A relative one of the dead, Mohammed Kasarna, claimed a group of Palestinian terrorists had set up a launcher in the area to fire rockets, but area residents told them to leave. As the militants were leaving, Kasarna claimed a tank shell hit the area, wounding a teenager, who later died. Two clansmen who went to his aid were killed when another tank shell struck, he said.
With the world paying more attention to them, I suspect we will have more rockets fired by the 'Palestinians' on southern Israel in the days ahead.

And by the way, they are still holding kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit.


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