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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Only in Israel... Thousands go north to see the damage

Thousands of Israelis are visiting the north this weekend to see the damage from the recent war. There was a bus from my neighborhood this morning, but I decided that I did not have an entire day to spare (and the only way I would have gotten away with it would have been to take my 7, 4 and 2-year olds with me :-). The IDF isn't happy about all the tourists....
In the northern town of Metulla, the border fence was packed with tourists taking pictures of themselves with the Lebanese village of Kafr Gila in the background.

Families with kids and dogs, lovers holding hands and bikers in groups all poured in Saturday morning, many of them unfolding maps and trying to figure out which village in Lebanon they were looking at.

Just past noon though, after IDF tanks and armored vehicles still patrolling the area got stuck in a traffic jam, soldiers brandished a military order and forced the tourists out. Underscoring the fragility of Monday's cease-fire, the soldiers said it was still too dangerous to be here.


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