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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Nasrallah threatens to bomb Tel Aviv

Think about the difficult lesson I posted earlier this afternoon. Hassan Nasrallah can't say he gives up. So instead, he keeps on threatening. Hopefully, we will pound the you-know-what out of him until he gives up (or we kill him - even better).

Nasrallah went on his television station, al-Manar tonight to tell us that if Israel bombs Beirut again, "If you indeed do this, I say this clearly. I won't use terms I used up to now, past Haifa, but I will say clearly and in a way that is not open to interpretation: If you bomb our capital we'll bomb your capital. We'll bomb Tel Aviv and we can do this."

By the way, Tel Aviv is not the capital of Israel - Jerusalem is. But Jerusalem may be the safest place in the country right now, partly because there are so many Arabs here, and partly because of what would happen to Nasrallah if he ever hit one of the mosques on the Temple Mount.

And the response, according to YNet:
A senior Israeli defense source told Israel's Channel 1 that Israel will destroy Lebanon's infrastructure if Hizbullah fires rockets at Tel Aviv.
Why haven't we done that already? What's Haifa or Akko or Tsfat - Swiss cheese? No, it's real simple: Tel Aviv is MyBackYard (and for those of you who don't get the reference, the search you want to run on my blog is NotInMyBackYard - a syndrome that unfortunately afflicts this country, which is why we have a Prime Minister who after three weeks of war in Lebanon and longer in Gaza still wants to give more land to the 'Palestinians'). Until this war, I thought Haifa was too, and in fact it was the first rocket hitting Haifa that led to the first assualt on Beirut.

For the record, the IDF is taking these threats seriously.


At 11:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

His, not bad, I'm not Israeli, but as a quick summary seems ok.

If you want to know more two books I've read which help to understand this issue are -

'The Case for Israel' by Alan Dershowitz

'Fast Facts on the Middle East Conflict' by Randall Price

These books have helped me when countering the anti-Israel propaganda. Dershowitz handles specific accusations usually thrown out. Gotta admit, being able to quote the facts in a historical context helps.


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