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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lebanese Christian web site: 'Qana massacre' a bid to foil Lebanese army deployment in the south

A Lebanese Christian website (in French) is reporting that the 'Qana massacre' is a hoax perpetrated by Hezbullah in order to foil the Lebanese government's 'seven points plan' that includes deployment of the Lebanese army in southern Lebanon. I ran the French text through an online translation service, and fixed the English a bit. If anyone is a fluent French speaker and thinks I have reflected something inaccurately, by all means drop me an email or stick a note in the comments section.

Note - I translate professionally from Hebrew to English from time to time, so fixing up English that was originally translated from another language is something I am not unaccustomed to doing.

Hat Tip: Harvey in Efrat

Slaughter in Qana, the Lebanese negotiations - Israeli pull back

July 30 2006 -

Lebanon awakened today to a new slaughter of innocents, the victims being handicapped children that were refugees in a building that was attacked by the Israeli air force.

Qana is once again a symbol; "Operation Grapes of Wrath" in 1996 failed because of a similar blunder. 40 or 50 were killed today in Qana in South Lebanon. The horror.

But was it a similar blunder to 1996, an error? Or was it a premeditated slaughter? A generally well informed source tells us his version: "Hezbullah, alarmed by the 7 points proposed by prime minister Fouad Siniora, that would deploy the Lebanese army in the entire country, including South Lebanon, which would mean disarming Hezbullah's militia, wanted to cause the negotiations to fail. It put in place a Machiavellian plan while creating an event that would allow it to cancel [the seven points plan]. Knowing very well that Israel would not target civilians, Hezbullah installed a rocket launcher on the roof of a building in Qana and stationed infirm children there with the intention of drawing retaliation against the position and slaughtering the children. The source adds: "They have used Qana, which was already a symbol of the slaughter of innocents; they instigated Qana 2".

In fact, [in response to what happened at Qana], chief negotiator Nabih Berri announced that the negotiations with American secretary of state Condoleezza Rice will be suspended until there is an unconditional cease fire.


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