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Friday, August 25, 2006

Israel gives up on disarming Hezbullah

The JPost is reporting in Friday's editions that Israel has 'given up' on disarming Hezbullah.

Israel has essentially given up hope of Hizbullah being disarmed, and instead is now concentrating on ensuring that an arms embargo called for in UN Security Council resolution 1701 be implemented, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

Furthermore, senior Israeli officials have made it clear in recent days during talks with foreign governments that Israel realizes a Hizbullah presence south of the Litani River is unavoidable, if for no other reason than because the organization is so well rooted there that the only way to get rid of Hizbullah would be to evacuate the entire region.

What Israel does expect, however, is that the Lebanese Army and the international force that will deploy there ensure that Hizbullah doesn't have offensive weaponry to attack Israel, and that if they do try to attack, there will be someone there to stop them.

The impression Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni has left in recent days on her European counterparts during meetings both in Israel and in Europe is that Israel recognizes it is unrealistic for anyone to take away Hizbullah's weapons, and that what is most important at this time is to ensure that there is an effective embargo on any new weapons to Hizbullah.

If the embargo is not effective, Israel has made clear, it will have to act to ensure that it is.

Israel is less concerned about grenades and rifles remaining in Hizbullah's hands, and more about weaponry that gives it offensive capabilities.

Pinch me and tell me I didn't just read that. And someone please remind me again, just why did we go to war last month?


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