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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Iran test fires sub-to-surface missile

Based on a report from Iranian television, YNet and al-AP are reporting that Iran test fired a 'top speed' sub-to-surface missile today during a military exercise in the Persian Gulf.

“The army successfully test-fired a top speed long-range sub-to-surface missile off the Persian Gulf,” The Army’s Navy commander, Gen. Sajjad Kouchaki, said on television. A brief video clip showed the missile, fired from a submarine, exiting the water and hitting a target on the surface of the water within a kilometer.


Kouchaki said the missile, called Thaqeb or Jupitar, was built based on domestic know-how, although outside experts say much of the country’s missile technology originated from other countries such as Russia and China. “The guided missile can be fired from all vessels,” he said.


Nazm Jalali, a spokesperson for the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee in the Iranian Parliament said that Iran does not intend to attack Israel.

"Iran is not looking to harm innocent people, not even in Tel Aviv. There is no place in the Iranian combat doctrine for the use of nuclear arms. The only thing that stands in the center of its strategy is the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes," said Jalali in an interview with reporters.
And if you believe they have 'peaceful' intentions, I have a bridge to sell you....


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