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Monday, August 07, 2006

IDF Demolishes Hezbullah Headquarters

IDF engineer and infantry forces today utterly destroyed a Hezbollah headquarters in the western sector of southern Lebanon, at what until 2000 was the site of the Israeli Karkum position. Prior to demolishing the structure, the forces identified and destroyed a number of missile launchers, a cache of anti-tank missiles, and a motorcycle used by Hezbollah terrorists to reach and then flee from the sites from which they launch missiles into Israel.

"The operation's purpose was to scour Karkum, if there were Hezbollah terrorists to kill them, if there were bunkers and weapons, which we knew there were, it was our job to search and blow them up," said Lieutenant Colonel Yishai Efroni, deputy commander of the Baram formation. "As you see, we demolished the post and raised the Israeli flag, and now the D9 [armored bulldozers] are finishing flattening the place."

Lieutenant Colonel Efroni tells of how we have come full-circle: "In the year 2000 I was a battalion commander who was among the people who demolished the [Israeli] post, before that I was one of those who built the post, and now we're destroying whatever is left once again."


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