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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Former 'collaborator' with Israel seeking asylum in the UK

A 'Palestinian' Arab from Ramallah has successfully infiltrated the parking lot of the British embassy compound in Tel Aviv. The 'Palestinian,' who is armed, says that he is a former 'collaborator' with Israel and is seeking asylum in the United Kingdom. With all due respect, I don't think that's the country I would have chosen in his position.

The British embassy has removed all 'non-essential' personnel and has invited the Israeli police in to deal with the intruder.

The intruder, Nadim Injaz, 28, is apparently in financial difficulty. According to Haaretz, Injaz claims he will be killed if he returns to Ramallah, because he 'collaborated' with Israel. That is quite believeable.

"They will either take me out of here to Europe, or as a body," Injaz told Channel 2 television. He said he was forced to take the dramatic step after Israeli authorities rebuffed repeated demands for help. "Someone should come and help me. No one wants to help me."

"If no one comes to help me soon to save my life, I will finish myself here," he said.

Injaz said militants in the West Bank told him that he would only be allowed to return to Ramallah if he carried out a suicide bombing. He said he chose this path instead.

"I don't want to kill children," he said in tears in a separate television interview with Channel 10 TV. "I want to be taken from here, I don't want to be here."

Injaz infiltrated the embassy in Tel Aviv by jumping a fence.

A negotiations unit from the Tel Aviv police is on the scene and is attempting to remove the man from the area unharmed.

Police were conducting negotiations with him and preparing to move in forcefully if needed, officials said.

The embassy, on the Tel Aviv seafront, is ringed by a fence and visitors are normally screened by security guards at the gate.
Nijaz got in by jumping the fence.

If I were him, I would not have chosen England, with its significant Muslim population as a place to seek asylum. I would choose the US, Australia, or possibly Canada.

I think that if he goes to England, he will be murdered. Ask Salman Rushdie.

If he really is a 'collaborator,' it's astounding that the Israelis won't help him.


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