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Monday, August 14, 2006

Explosive day of fighting in Lebanon

Today was another explosive day of fighting in Lebanon. It included some 250 rockets shot at Israel, and twenty explosions in Hezbullah's South Beirut stronghold over the course of about a minute and a half.

A short while ago, it was released for publication that IDF ground troops destroyed a truck filled with explosives. The truck was making its way toward Israel from southern Lebanon's eastern sector, near Metulla, late Sunday night.

According to the Jerusalem Post's Israel Alert Service (no link yet), an IDF officer said the truck was filled with hundreds of kilograms of explosives. The officer suspected that the truck was intended to blow up among troops stationed along the border.

The IDF also shot down a Hizbullah UAV this evening. The unmanned aerial vehicle, which was shot down over southern Lebanon was loaded with explosives. Another Hizbullah UAV crashed near Tyre on Sunday night, due to a mechanical failure.

Five soldiers killed in south Lebanon during the fighting today. Two of them were officers. One of the soldiers killed today was the son of author David Grossman, who just last night had castigated the government for extending the operation in Lebanon.

About 15 rockets hit Haifa and the surrounding area on Sunday afternoon. Two people were seriously wounded near Haifa and another was lightly wounded in Acre, MDA reported.

As I reported earlier this morning, one person in Shlomi was killed today when his house took a direct hit from a rocket.


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