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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

China Confidential: Iran Warned China About Mideast War

China Confidential: Iran Warned China About Mideast War

Last week, I reported that China's technology deals with Israel and oil deals with Arab countries were fuelling the war in Lebanon. Here's more evidence of deep Chinese involvement in what happened over the last month.

Hat Tip: Gershon in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York
Ahmadinejad is believed to have told his Chinese hosts that Iran had concluded that the US was preparing a military attack on Iran over the nuclear dispute, and that a preemptive proxy war was necessary to strengthen Tehran's military and political position throughout the region.

Israel suffered a tactical defeat of possibly strategic proportions in the month-long war, which Hezbollah provoked with a cross-border raid that kidnapped Israeli soldiers.

The Shiite Arab terrorists proved they could rain 100-200 rockets a day on Israeli cities and towns, operating from well prepared positions in Lebanese civilian centers, and hold out against Israeli forces, including an air force restrained by asymmetric war rules and an apparent need to cater to world opinion.

Non-Arab Iran, as China expected, has emerged as the dominant power in the region, uniting Shiites and Sunnis in a common struggle to defeat Israel and drive the US from the Middle East.

Syria, a secular Sunni dictatorship allied with Iran and Hezbollah, has also been strengthened as a result of the war, its influence on the failed Lebanese state remarkably restored.

Meanwhile, on Day One of a flawed United Nations-arranged ceasefire--a deal riddled with loopholes through which Hezbollah can rearm, reposition, and again fire its missiles--the most senior Chinese official in charge of "nuclear nonproliferation issues" flew to Iran.

China's official Xinhua News Agency reported that Vice Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai departed for Tehran Monday to discuss "nuclear issues and other topics of mutual concern" with Iranian officials.
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At 11:03 PM, Blogger M. Simon said...

One point that is wrong.

Israel did not suffer a tactical defeat. It won the battles and held the ground.

What it suffeed was a strategic defeat. It didn't accomplish its war aims despite tactical victory.

See also the Battle of the Coral Sea, where Japan got a tactical victory but a strategic defeat.


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