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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Atlas Shrugs: Israel: Through the Looking Glass

Atlas Shrugs publishes an analysis from someone named "Eric in Israel" (I can make a couple of educated guesses who he is :-) that is simply spot on:

In any normal country Olmert and Peretz and Livni would have resigned a long time ago. But the Israeli culture has no concept of accepting responsibility. None whatsoever. The various fact finding commissions generally are CYA commissons and whatever is appointed over here for Olmert's folly will be as well.

Sharon turned to the left due to the allegations of corruption and bribery that they were going to arrest him on. In truth it isnt any different than any other politician over here BUT the differing factor was that Sharon was hated by the left and media. So he cut the deal to turn to the left to save himself and his sons. Omri Sharon is serving or scheduled to serve a puff sentence.

One man one vote does not exist over here.

And essentially that is the problem. The people were behind the war rightly or wrongly they were behind it. The government chose not to prosecute the war since it really didn't fit with the government agenda. TO prosecute the war properly would be to admit that Oslo and Barak's withdrawal and Olmert/Sharon's withdrawal were all wrong and this they cannot do.
Read it all.


At 11:57 PM, Blogger Yoel.Ben-Avraham said...

Please say it again, slowly and out loud:

Israeli politicians are NOT accountable to the electorate!

They are accountable to the party committes and they are definitely accountable to the people who fill the party's coffers. But the voters? Give me a break! Which Israeli politican has to respond to my demands that he/she be accountable?

I admit that there is no perfect democracy, but I remember an incident in Canada when I was there in 1989. The local rep to the parliament was an Italian who made the mistake of making a joke at the expense of his Jewish constituents (after drinking a little two much vino ...) Five guys started a petition by standing in the supermarket entrances during the weekends. By the time they had five thousand signatures the rep showed up, hat-in-hand and respectfully asked "how they wanted that appolagy worded". He knew that he needed their vote, or at least to defang their vehemence!

Until there is a revolution in the structure of Israeli politics, we are doomed for mare-of-the-same corruption and arrogance.


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