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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Annan worried about Israeli treatment of 'Palestinians'

UN Secretary General Kofi Goofy Annan is worried that Israel is mistreating 'Palestinians' by refusing to allow them to cross into 'Israel proper' to perpetrate terror attacks.

"More than 200 Palestinians have been killed since the end of June. That has to stop immediately," said Annan.

"The closure on Gaza has to be lifted and passages need to be reopened, not only for commercial activity but also to enable Palestinians to leave," continued the UN secretary-general following his meeting with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. [To where does he think they will leave? We would be happy if Egypt will take them. Maybe Annan should go meet with Mubarak and ask him for 'humanitarian assistance.' CiJ]

Annan called for the establishment of a Palestinian state which he called "the only solution to the problems on the region and added that although much attention has been turned to the recent war in Lebanon "the suffering of the Palestinian people should not be forgotten." [Yes, of course. Establishing a 'Palestinian' state reichlet will solve all their problems. Then they will let Israel live in 'peace.' Just like they have done in Gaza. CiJ]

He urged the Palestinian Authority to establish a unity government, "If the Palestinians can unify around a realistic joint plan and can bring the security situation under control, it will be a positive development and the UN will do all within its power to support it," adding that he was scheduled to meet going PA Prime Minister Ismail Hamiyeh later in the Gaza Strip.
Annan the terror facilitator is going to meet with Haniyeh the terrorist leader. How perfect. He's within his own element.


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