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Friday, August 18, 2006

Al-Aqsa: We learned missiles subdue Israel

One party that is obviously pleased with the outcome of the recent war in Lebanon is 'moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen's Fatah's 'al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.'
"We learned from Hizbullah that the tools that make a difference are missiles. If achieve expertise in this field, we won't make do with the simple rockets we have. There is no doubt that we can subdue Israel ," Abu Nasser, a commander in the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Fatah's military wing, told Ynet.

"Since the Gulf War, missiles were what brought Israel to the negotiation table. The withdrawal from Gaza was also a result of missiles. If we use them correctly in the West Bank, we will get rid of the IDF here too," Abu Nasser explained.

According to him, his organization wasn't surprised by what he defines "the defeat Hizbullah handed to Israel."

He continued on to say that "Hizbullah has been impenetrable in recent years, working quietly and successfully putting the IDF to sleep. If we adopt these operational patterns, there is no doubt that our turn will come. We learned that with faith and good preparation, you can defeat the Israeli military."

According to him, the inability to withstand the initial blow is what defeated the Palestinians in Defensive Shield.

"The operation in Lebanon is similar in scope in terms of the Israeli forces that participated to Operation Defensive Shield. There, except for the refugee camps Balata and Jenin, everything happened immediately. From Hizbullah we learned that if we build a proper defense system in bunkers, we will be able to sustain the fire in the initial days. There is no doubt that we too will succeed."

The success of the Israeli security forces to penetrate the terror organizations, which enables the thwarting of terror attacks in their planning stages, is in Abu Nasser's opinion another weak point of the Palestinian organizations in contrast with Hizbullah. "There is no doubt that we need to work on this issue because it explains, in my opinion, 90 percent of their success," he explained.

Abu Nasser claims that they can succeed if they mortally strike down the "army of collaborators" with Israel, just as Hizbullah hit the Southern Lebanese Army. "We need to dedicate a certain time period to cleansing our forces of collaborators. Then there won't be any force that can stand before us, although I won't say it's simple."


According to Abu Nasser, Nasrallah's organization still hasn't had its last word.

"From our acquaintance with them, there is no way they are going to disarm. The organization has strategic objectives and the current battle proves that if it will decide to initiate another battle – the road is paved. The next time Iran will be in the picture and missiles on Tel Aviv will be part of the game. When this happens, it will be a lot easier for us. We are proud of our brothers, the Hizbullah fighters. They are inspirational teachers that demonstrated everything we have been feeling in recent years – Israel is falling apart," he said.
History may yet award Ehud Olmert the 'honor' of being the worst Prime Minister the country has ever had. I'm sure Ehud Barak is walking around smiling these days.


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