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Sunday, July 09, 2006

'Starving' 'Palestinian Authority' paying civil servants

Well look what I found at the bottom of an article in Saudi Arabia's English-language daily, the Arab News:

The European Union accused Israel of disproportionate use of force. “The EU condemns the loss of lives caused by disproportionate use of force,” a statement by the Finnish EU presidency said. The fighting has compounded the misery of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. International sanctions imposed to pressure Hamas to recognize Israel have resulted in nonpayment of government salaries. But yesterday, Palestinian officials said about one-fifth of the 165,000 civil servants would receive a small down payment.

The source of the money was in dispute. The Hamas government said it used internal revenues and brought funds through the land border to make the payments. Other officials said President Mahmoud Abbas drew on the first foreign aid transfer the Palestinians have received in months.

It seems that there's money in Hamastan after all. That would fit in with those cherries we found this morning.


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