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Monday, July 17, 2006

Stand with Israel rally in New York City

For those like me who weren't there, you have to go check out Atlas' post on the "Stand with Israel" rally that took place in New York City today. An amazing bunch of pictures, "tens of thousands" of people. I'm impressed. Other than the "Humanity v. Arab Terror" rally in 1975 (when Arafat spoke at the UN), I don't recall one this large thrown together on a weekday in this short a time.

Check it out here.


At 3:18 AM, Blogger C said...

As one of the masses outside the UN today... the very nice pictures don't quite do the sea of (hot, sweaty, pressed-together, did I mention hot?) humanity justice. The stream of politicians on stage, occasionally interrupted by an Eli Wiesel or a Dan Gillerman, were nice, but the turnout, the orderliness, the common ground between liberal and conservative... *that* was impressive.

And it didn't hurt that the counter-protest, about a dozen people that I saw, were quite literally penned in on the far side of Second Avenue.


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