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Monday, July 17, 2006

Jerusalem terror attack foiled

Jerusalem police operating what was apparently a mobile metal detection device caught a 25-year old 'Palestinian' with a bomb in his bag this morning. The 'Palestinian' was caught in Tzahal Square, which is right opposite the Old City between City Hall and the Jaffa Gate, and across the street from the Dan Pearl Hotel.

It is not clear whether the 'Palestinian' planned to blow himself up or leave the bomb.

Police say they have dozens of specific terror warnings, and that 'Palestinians' are trying to open up a third front in the current fighting.

Update 2:04 PM

My eldest daughter just called to tell me that she was a block away when this happened around 10:30 this morning. For those who know Jerusalem, she had gone to the drug store across from Kikar Tziyon and was on her way back to work.

My daughter was half a block from the Sbarro Pizza Shop when a Palestinian terrorist set off a suicide bomb there in August 2001.

Bli ayin hara....


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