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Monday, July 24, 2006


I suppose this shouldn't be a real surprise, but seeing it in print always is.

Middle East Newsline is reporting that Iran has spent the last six months planning Hezbullah's current war against Israel:
WASHINGTON [MENL] -- Iran spent more than six months training and planning Hizbullah to prepare for its current war with Israel.

Western intelligence sources said the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps held a series of exercises with Hizbullah on the use of new weapons and techniques. The sources said IRGC also prepared arsenals of medium-range rockets and missiles in the Bekaa Valley and Syria to sustain any war with Israel.

"Iran's IRGC planned this war carefully throughout 2006," an intelligence source who monitors Iran said. "IRGC sent weapons and hundreds of volunteers through Damascus in a war designed to contain several stages."

The sources said Western intelligence agencies detected a high level of IRGC-Hizbullah coordination as early as April 2006. They said the Hizbullah conflict was planned in cooperation with Damascus, which agreed to the emergency deployment of Iranian troops in Syria.

Not surprisingly, it appears that Syria is in this up to their eyeballs too.


At 11:19 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

See Gitin end 16b and beginning 17a that the Persians were worse to Klal Yisroel than the Amalaikim and the Babelonians.


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