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Friday, July 28, 2006

International aid paying Hamas 'salaries'

Remember the 'Palestinians'? You just knew this would eventually happen.

The Arab League managed to transfer $100 million to the 'Palestinian Authority' (no one wants to say how). The money went to 'moderate Palestinian President' Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen and he used it to... make a 'downpayment' on the 'salaries' of all employees of the 'Palestinian Authority,' including 'Prime Minister' Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas and all the other Hamas ministers in the 'Palestinian Authority.' (I assume, since all of the 'prisoners' held in Israeli jails are considered employees of the 'Palestinian Authority, they got 'salaries' too. I wonder how much Marwan the Murdering Moron got).
American press officers stationed in Israel also said they didn't know enough about the circumstances surrounding the salary payments which had reached Hamas to comment on them. They also wouldn't comment on how the transfer had reached Abbas despite America's stand against banks allowing funds to flow to the PA, or make any general statement on the subject of international funds reaching Hamas.

But one diplomatic source who tracks the funding issue closely asserted that, "The Americans have total control over the banking system. I don't think it could happen without American collusion." [Someone ought to ask Congress to investigate how it happened and who colluded. CiJ]

He suggested that the timing of the payments was hardly a coincidence. "This was a good time because everyone's attention is being diverted by Lebanon," he said, charging that the Americans don't want to be fingered for changing their policy and having "made a mistake" by cutting off funds to the Palestinians, only to find themselves dealing with a humanitarian crisis.

He also noted, "The same logic applies to Abbas," whom Washington regards as a moderate and has even suggested might receive more funds. Abbas might not want to be seen doling out money to Hamas, the official said.

At any rate, the source added, the move made the Europeans "look ridiculous" for spending time and money developing a complicated mechanism for funneling money for specific purposes to the Palestinians while circumventing Hamas, if general purpose aid was getting through and paying salaries.

He accused the Americans of "making their allies the Europeans look bad."
By the way, the Europeans started distributing $40 million in 'salaries' to 'health workers' today. I wonder if the ambulance driver in this video is included.


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