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Thursday, July 13, 2006

IAF jets strike Southern Beirut

IAF jets have struck Southern Beirut after two Hezbullah rockets landed in Haifa this evening.

Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah, along with almost the entire Hizbullah hierarchy, reside in the same neighborhood (Dahiya) in southern Beirut.

Earlier today, Hezbullah warned that if the IDF bombed Southern Beirut, it would attack Haifa.

Israel Navy gunboats are also shelling Beirut Airport from the coast, and have apparently hit two fuel tanks. Flames can be seen shooting up from the airport.

Earlier today, the IAF turned a portion of the Beirut - Damascus Highway into rubble.

jets dropped two bombs on the runway at the Rayak air base in the eastern Beka'a Valley, damaging it, police said. There were no reports of casualties or damage to aircraft.

Rayak, 50 kilometers (30 miles) east of Beirut and about 7 kilometers (4 miles) west of the Syrian border, is home to the country's main military air base and is the military headquarters in eastern Lebanon.

Planes later attacked the Qoleiat air base near the Syrian border in the north with four missiles, police said.

The strikes on the country's two air bases virtually neutralize Lebanon's air force.

The IDF has hit more than forty targets in Southern Lebanon, including one private home that was being used to launch Katyushas.


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