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Monday, July 17, 2006

IAF destroys 'Palestinian Foreign Ministry' again

The IAF destroyed the 'Palestinian Foreign Ministry' in Gaza City again this morning, with an entire eight-story wing of the building collapsing. Five 'Palestinians' were wounded. 'Palestinian Foreign Minister' Mahmoud Zahar and the ugly wart on his nose were nowhere to be seen. Maybe he's out looking for some cash.

The wounded were from nearby houses. The Ministry was empty at the time according to the IDF. It was 1:20 AM here when it happened.

Another missile was shot at the Hamas office in the Jabaliya 'refugee camp' setting the building on fire.

Earlier in the day on Sunday, the IDF targeted a vehicle carrying wanted Islamic Jihad terrorist Khaled Sha'alen, but Sha'alen managed to escape the car without injuries. Three other terrorists were wounded in the strike.

The IAF destroyed a tunnel dug by 'Palestinians' underneath the 'security fence' on the Gaza Strip border early Sunday afternoon. The IDF said the tunnel was meant to allow militants to carry out terror attacks in Israel. And you thought we could just build a fence and in the words of Israel's fleeing general Prime Minister Ehud Barach, put "us over here and them over there."

But the best story from Gaza yesterday - without a doubt - comes from HaAretz:
An Associated Press reporter in Gaza City heard an Israeli broadcast on a radio frequency usually used by a Hamas station calling on residents to stay out of the way of the fighting. "We are not gong to stop in Gaza until the terrorists hand over the soldier Gilad Shalit," said the broadcaster, apparently an IDF soldier, in broken Arabic.
They call him Gaza Gideon :-)


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