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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hezbullah claims to have kidnapped two soldiers

This morning, Hezbullah opened a second front in the north, firing Katyusha rockets and mortar shells into Israel. One shell scored a direct hit on a home in the town of Shtula, wounding four people, one moderately and three lightly. Residents of northern Israel have been told to go into their bomb shelters.

Both the Jerusalem Post and YNet are reporting that Hezbullah's Al-Manar television station claimed this morning that the organization has kidnapped two soldiers. The IDF is checking the report. According to YNet, Israel recently conveyed a harsh message to the Lebanese government through the Americans and other elements, following warnings on plans to "inflame" the northern border while Gaza is on fire. Israel blames the Syrians - for whom Hezbullah acts as a proxy - for the entire Gilad Shalit kidnapping, and it would not surprise me to see the IDF go after targets in Lebanon or Syria if this situation continues.

Update 11:08 AM

HaAretz is now carrying the kidnapping report.

Update 11:22 AM

The IDF is now confirming that two soldiers are missing and apparently kidnapped by Hezbullah.


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