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Monday, July 17, 2006

Eyewitness account of disarming Jerusalem suicide bomber

"Things" just happen to Harvey in Efrat. He was there this morning when a potential suicide bomber was caught in Jerusalem and filed this report:

We were walking with clients past the David's Citadel at 11 15am today. Suddenly the King David Street access going from the King David Hotel towards the Citadel was closed and scores of bomb detonating forces of the Magavnikim and IDF began to race past us towards the direction of the city and the Jerusalem Pearl Hotel(formerly the Dan Pearl). The police took up positions and asked us to begin walking back towards the King David Hotel. My clients and I reversed our steps from our tour of possible barmitzvah locations for their son. A helicoper hovered over the direction of the Shlomzion Hamalka/Koresh street intersection.

The police began to dress into their armored uniforms and the bomb detecting machinery robots started to roll up from the David's Citadel towards the Old City.

We could not see much from our blocked vantage point but based on past experience, I had a feeling that something was going down very close by.

A terrorist with a briefcase was surrounded near the Jerusalem Pearl Hotel, near the intersection opposite Discount Bank. As he dropped his briefcase all guns were pointed at him as he slowly undressed. The car and pedestrian traffic stopped on the incline up towards the direction of Jerusalem Pearl Hotel.

The 15kg. bomb inside the suitcase of the terrorist was taken away by the robot and a truck sped away after it was detonated.

The terrorist was surrounded, half naked, and whisked away to some lights and electricity attaching lunch by the Shabak.

He was caught walking towards Shomzion Hamalka Street which is only 4 minutes from Kikar Zion Square off Ben Yehuda.

Another miracle due to an alert guard nearby.

The client said they'd prefer to book the barmitzvah venue tomorrow.

At the Corner of Shlomzion Hamalka/Korush St.
Uptown Jerusalem


At 5:51 PM, Blogger Rocker 419 said...

Incredible story. Thanks for the coverage.


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